PC Buying Guide Bangla – How To Choose CPU/Processor [ Pick Best PC Parts ]

PC Buying Guide Bangla – How To Choose CPU/Processor in this video I’m talking about How you can pick best PC parts for your pc build. CPU/Processors is the most important part/component in the computer.CPU’s is the brain of the computer so if you’re looking for the best performance PC you need to pick the right CPU/Processor. I’m explaining how to choose processor/CPU for your gaming PC or video editing PC in this PC buying guide. Before pick CPU/Processor you need to know about Core, Clock Speed, Frequency, Cache memory and much more. I’m talking about all of the facts for choosing a right CPU for your build. Hope you will be benefited to know the pc buying fact & you can choose the right CPU for your need. Thank you.


🔴 Recommendation ⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊ Intel VS AMD | Intel 9th core processor: https://youtu.be/YggvjY2FusQ _____________________________________________________

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